Cruising the Caribbean – Getting the most of your Caribbean Vacation

Vacationing the Caribbean can be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable trips one takes. One of the most popular ways of visiting the Caribbean is through taking a cruise along the Caribbean Islands. With various cruise lines visiting this popular hot spot, choosing the perfect vacation for you can be made easy when weighing the pros and cons of each cruise line, along with other methods of travel.

Charles Howard CallAhead

Taking a cruise can be beneficial in numerous ways. Cruise ships take most of the worry and stress away from the vacationing experience. With various, preplanned stops and excursions at each location, cruise ships allow for the perfect amount of exploration with minimal worry or risk for those who are simply looking to relax and see the sights.
Cruises also offer the added benefit of being all inclusive, meaning food and drinks (most of the time this means non-alcoholic) are included in the ticket price and once you're aboard money is no longer on your mind!

Although cruises are beneficial in many ways, they aren't for everyone. A cruise may not be for those who enjoy planning to the minutest of details and having the ability to change course at a moment's notice. If, however, you have decided to hop on board, choosing a cruise line can be easy and fun!

First, deciding on your destinations and the ideal port of departure can narrow cruise line choices drastically. Deciding the type of vacation you're hoping to have can help determine a cruise line based on amenities and excursions offered onboard and at each port.

Charles Howard CallAhead , CEO and Owner of Call-A-Head, enjoys spending time with his family vacationing the Caribbean on an annual basis and recommends traveling via cruise and plane depending on the type of vacation he and his family have planned .

With on board entertainment and a slew on amenities, cruising the Caribbean can be the ideal way to spend a worry free vacation catching a tan and enjoying time with family or friends.

Queen Chamber of Commerce

The Queens County Chamber of Commerce is an enormous resource to the businesses and communities throughout Queens County in New York. The chamber was founded in 1911 when fifteen businessmen from the area came together and reached an agreement upon the formation of the organization. Since its beginning, the chamber has grown to become a pillar of the business community in Queens and throughout the tri-state area.

Charles Howard CallAHead

Membership in the Queens County Chamber of Commerce comes with many benefits. Attendance at any of the annual events allows you to network with owners and leaders of many successful companies located in the Queens area. The chamber also hosts annual awards ceremonies to honor and distinguish businesses that exude excellence in their respective industries.

Charles Howard of Call-A-Head was one such winner of the Queens County Chamber of Commerce New York Award for Excellence in Construction of Wharton’s Apothecary. Awards such as these provide exposure for entrepreneurs such as Mr. Howard and recognize the hard work and dedication they pour into their work.

Membership in the Queens County Chamber is encouraged for businesses of all levels. From the local store owner to major corporate companies, membership can benefit companies of all industries and sizes and the chamber offers several levels of membership to interested parties. The chamber also strives to provide analytical data to members detailing trends in the community and forecasts for the future. These tools are just a few of the many publications members can use to make decisions that will benefit their business.

Importance of Customer Service in the Global Marketplace

With the expanding global structure of today’s marketplace, the advances in consumerism leave companies vying for an edge to gain business. With retail companies such as Amazon, Walmart, and Overstock promising a diverse amount of products with the shortest wait time, it leaves consumers with an increasing amount of purchasing power. This type of marketplace often leaves smaller companies squeezed less market share.

Charles Howard CallAhead

For service companies, the quality with which services are performed and the attention to detail they provide are some of the most important factors in their business. Charles Howard CallAhead, a portable toilet company based in Broad Channel, New York knows the importance of these factors when running a business. Mr. Howard has successfully grown his portable toilet company into one of the largest in the New York area, since taking over from his father in the mid-1980s.

Call-A-Head has grown as a company due to the outstanding and unrelenting customer service they provide to make sure all of their clients are satisfied. They currently service the entire New York metro area from Manhattan and Montauk, to Long Island.

Another important aspect in the execution of a thriving company is being able to offer the customer a diverse set of products to satisfy their needs. Call-A-Head offers a unique set of products for customers to choose from, including, security guard booths, portable toilets, and restroom trailer rentals. By offering these products they are able to cater to traveling trade shows, construction jobsites, festivals, and provide aid during catastrophic events.

North Channel Yacht Club 

The North Channel Yacht Club located in Broad Channel, New York has a rich and colorful history. The club, which began as the North Channel Shooting Club in the mid 1800’s on a remote area near Pearl Beach served as a premiere hunting and fishing spot. From those unique beginnings the club has since experienced ownership many changes and several tragedies. The clubhouse was partially burned and rebuilt successfully, then transitioned to operate as a functioning hotel.

Charles Howard CallAhead

In 1981 the ownership group changed the name to the North Channel Yacht Club and continually invested in capital improvements to help build the appeal of the island. The clubhouse is recognized as a Registered Historic Site. Through the years the club has contained a diverse membership group with prominent members of nearby communities.

Club member Charles Howard CallAhead of local business Call-A-Head has been a member for over thirty years. Mr. Howard and his wife Kimberly enjoy traveling by yacht throughout the year to several places including, Nantucket Island, Martha’s Vineyard, and Rhode Island. The North Channel Yacht Club helps yacht enthusiasts share their passion with individuals that share the same affinity for the water.

The club also hosts charitable events annually such as their Spring Fashion Show, Labor Day Dinner, and Christmas Party to raise funds for the surrounding community. Some of the charity organizations that have benefitted from these events include Wigs 4 Kids and Ronald McDonald House. With low membership costs and great amenities, the North Channel Yacht Club is a great organization to be a part of for all yacht enthusiasts.

Regency – CallAhead’s Luxurious Restroom Trailer

Charles Howard of CallAhead is an experienced businessman. He has been in the portable sanitary industry for over thirty years. As the leading provider of portable rental toilets and restroom trailers, CallAhead has set the standard for others in the business. The company provides portable toilets, luxurious restroom trailers, handicap units, job-site units, high-rise units, outdoor units, trailer units, storage sheds, holding tanks, portable sinks, hand-cleaning systems, porcelain systems, comfort stations, and VIP toilets.

The Regency is one of CallAhead’s luxury restroom trailer toilets. It is perfect for any special occasion including graduation parties, weddings, bat mitzvahs and bar mitzvahs, engagement parties, baby showers, bridal showers, business occasions, fundraisers or other formal events. The Regency opulent restroom trailer is similar to any restroom in an upscale catering hall, and includes all luxury amenities such as private bathroom stall, stylish framed work of art, custom floral arrangements, heat thermostat and air conditioning, mirrored vanity sinks with soft cotton hand towels, antibacterial soap and hand cream dispensers. The ladies' restroom has three bathroom stalls with lockable doors for complete privacy while the men's restroom is outfitted with a private and spacious bathroom stall and three automatic flushing urinals with privacy dividers for privacy.

The Regency restroom trailer has a brilliant white exterior that is perfect for any location. Its bright look and sparkling clean interiors are a testimony to the company’s commitment to providing “like new” rental toilets. As usual, guests can expect only the best amenities inside the restroom trailers. The company prides itself on providing the most luxurious restroom trailers for rent to clients across New York and its boroughs.

CallAhead has 150 experienced and skilled staff to ensure that the portable toilets and restroom trailers are installed and cleaned to perfection. CallAhead has 12,000 portable toilets and 75 trucks. The company boasts of having something for every budget.


Charles Howard - Call-A-Head on Digital Producer Magazine

On Digital Producer Magazine’s website, there is an article that describes Call-A-Head and their services as so:

“CALLAHEAD is known for always raising the bar in the portable restroom industry, and they are at it again. Their portable shower rentals in New York bring the convenience of a soothing hot-water shower anywhere that it is wanted or needed. From construction workers to first responders to marathon runners, the entire New York City population can feel renewed when they step into a CALLAHEAD portable shower rental in NYC. With a variety to choose from, CALLAHEAD provides an outdoor shower to rent in New York City that is ideal for any location. Available for short-term or long-term rental, the ShowerHead 16 and the ShowerHead 25 both provide hot and cold running water, complete privacy with locking doors, occupancy indicator, cleanliness and comfort. Both New York portable shower rental options arrive in brand new condition and are fully stocked with soap and shampoo, so that users won’t have to worry if they didn’t bring their own. CALLAHEADs outdoor shower rentals are maintained to the highest standards and cleaned with hospital grade disinfectants for complete sanitary protection.

With CALLAHEADs outdoor showers rentals in New York City, the attention is in the details. The ShowerHead 16 and the ShowerHead 25 provide ample room for showering and changing, allowing the user to feel as if they are getting clean in the comfort of their own home. Each unit contains its own shower curtain for additional privacy, a clothes bag to ensure the items that need to be dry stay that way, and a hook for easy access to a dry towel when needed.”

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Charles Howard - CallAHead Gets Recognized for Innovation

CallAHead is a leader in innovation that not only creates portable toilet units that are fashionable, but also reflect a higher quality of workmanship when it comes to their functions, as described in an article on

“By Ann Withanee, November 11, 2011—Off-site construction projects requiring a crew for more than one day must be supplied with hygiene facilities, most notably portable toilets. Callahead Corporation, a long-time supplier of various versions of "porta potties," announces its new development called the Headmaster. The Headmaster is described as an improved version of the ubiquitous porta potties that dot construction sites. The Headmaster, says the company, has the distinction of being "the first gravity-fed portable toilet to be released in the United States." President and CEO of the company, Charles W. Howard, says, "The eventual goal is to eliminate all portable toilets with open cavity holding tanks, and the Headmaster is a step in that direction." The company's latest addition to its wide range of portable toilets, the Headmaster is designed it so that the water flushes into a porcelain toilet bowl from a 75-gallon fresh water holding tank located at the top of the unit. Using a three-inch aluminum water line running from the ceiling to the floor creates a natural flow of fresh water through a speedy connector, directly to the porcelain toilet similar to those in most homes. The waste water is easily disposed down into a 75-gallon waste water holding tank located at the bottom of the unit.”